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DCW unit – the natural way to fight bacteria

Our DCW units produce the disinfectant liquid NEUTHOX®, which contains hypochlorous acid as active agent. Hypochlorous acid or HOCI is a substance naturally occurring in the human body and is therefore harmless. Hypochlorous acid is the active agent that handles the disinfection when NEUTHOX® is added to water. All bacteria known to cause diseases in humans are eliminated. With our DCW unit you will not only have the most effective technology available for bacterial control in water, you will also have the safest solution. Our generators remove and prevent biofilm, produce on-site, are economical and entirely eco-friendly.


Legionnaires' disease is a serious health threat, particularly for elderly and people with weakened immune system. Legionella is frequently found in hot and cold water. Therefore, preventive measures against the bacteria have a high priority in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes and other institutions.

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Disinfectants are regulated by the EU Biocides Regulation to ensure a continuous high level of protection of human health and environment with the aim to streamline requirements within EU. The regulation applies from September 1, 2015. 

ECHA Compliance


With control of biofilm and bacteria, among other housing lower the temperature of hot water several degrees. The savings can serve the entire unit home whithin a few years.



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