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Danish Clean Water A/S is an innovative engineering company located in Sonderborg near the German-Danish border. We offer an environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective technology for removal of bacteria and biofilm in water supply systems. Since 2008 we have been producing disinfection systems for on-site installation for water supplies, food production and industry.

Danish Clean Water A/S uses ECA technology for producing a non-toxic and highly efficient biocide which is low-cost as well as environmentally friendly in use. The disinfectant NEUTHOX® is produced by electrolysis of saltwater by means of a patented membrane technology. This safe, low-cost and environmentally friendly disinfectant can be applied in many different areas. The active ingredient in our biocide is hypochlorous acid, which is highly efficient in destroying harmful bacteria and germs.

Our strength is fighting legionella and our technology is perfectly suited for use in public buildings, hospitals, sports facilities, residential buildings, nursing homes as well as many other facilities that are responsible for their residents, user and employees. We have carried out a two-year project with Statens Serum Institute (National Danish Central Laboratory), which documents that our technological solutions remove bacteria and biofilm sustainably and prevent their new formation.

Thanks to our technology, state and municipal institutions, water suppliers and heating plants, industrial companies as well as housing companies fight legionella and other harmful germs successfully. It prevents a number of serious infections and deaths which, as a result of legionella, presents an increasing problem. At the same time, the hot water flow temperature and the condensing temperature of the cooling water can be lowered in all kind of applications resulting in cost reductions and helping the environment.

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