Energy Saving

Many housing complexes, municipalities, hospitals and central water suppliers are subject to rising requirements in terms of energy saving at the same time forced having to raise the temperatures in order to fight legionella. In hotels, for example, where warm water consumption depends on the room occupancy, warm water is an excellent breeding ground for legionella. The most common method is to flush the affected piping with hot water, which is an unnecessary waste of water and energy.


Economic Advantages 

Danish Clean Water ´s solutions have been scientifically proved to remove biofilm and bacteria in piping systems. In addition, the temperature of the circulating warm water can be lowered significantly. For a housing society, for example, the payback of our DCW unit can already be achieved after two years by energy savings alone. In cooperation with Dansk Energirådgiving (Danish Energy Consulting Agency) we have prepared a case study on Dybbøl Plejecenter (Dybbol Care Home) in Sonderborg, where an annual energy saving of kWh 50.000 was obtained by lowering the flow temperature of the domestic water from 57,5oC to 45oC. The cost saving is DKK 20.000 per year. With an investment of DKK 105.000, the payback is achieved within 4,1 years. We call this “energy efficient legionella solutions”.

Great energy advantages can also be achieved in the industry while still meeting energy demands and preventing legionella from spreading from cooling towers. Biofilm also emerges in the inner of heat exchangers where it can grow very dense which results in poor heat transfer and lower performance (COP). Legionella thrive in biofilm and they can be spread as water droplets from the cooling tower over a wide area. By fighting bacteria in the process water, the condensing temperature can be lowered and the compressor´s load decreases. The processing business can achieve energy-savings up to 15 percent. Our DCW unit ensures that the operation is maintained while the eco-friendly biocide NEUTHOX® removes biofilm in heat exchangers and piping systems.


Climate Advantages

Fighting biofilm and bacteria offer great environmental advantages while warm water pipes are kept free from bacteria. Lower temperatures mean reduced energy loss and less CO2 emission.

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