The efficient and economic systems from Danish Clean Water A/S are based on ECA-technology. Our generators produce the disinfectant solution NEUTHOX® on-site through an electrochemical process e.g. by electrolysis of salt and water. During this process a hypochlorous acid is produced, a substance that also occurs in the human immune system and therefore is harmless. This biocide is highly efficient in destruction of biofilm, germs and bacteria in cold and hot water systems, without harming humans, environment or staff.

The systems from Danish Clean Water are fully automated, require minimum maintenance and are extremely economical. They can be installed almost anywhere, and both installation and operation are very simple. Our objective is to contribute to health and security without harming the environment. Therefore we recommend ECA-technology (electrochemical activation).

Our DCW-systems are available in multiple sizes, adapted to various fields of application and industries.

The T Zero model series contains the newest and smallest models that have been developed by Danish Clean Water.

The T10 standard ECA unit was developed for use in general industry with focus on fighting legionella and for use in smaller cooling towers and in water supplies. The T10 agro-unit was especially developed for agricultural businesses with livestock farming.

For larger installations we recommend the T20 unit, which was developed for bigger industrial plants, cooling towers and central water supply systems.

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