T Zero Model Series

The T Zero model series contains the newest and smallest models developed by Danish Clean Water. It was designed based on the experiences made with the T10 and T20 models, and as a new feature, an innovative, patent registered water softening system was added to all T Zero models. The water softening system effectively removes lime scale from the water that is used for the production of Neuthox®. With this new, patent registered concept a 100% failsafe operation is ensured.


T00 Basis 

T00 Basis has a capacity of 9 liter Neuthox® per hour and is the smallest model from Danish Clean Water. 50-60 m3 hot water per hour can be disinfected. Its external dosing system makes it perfectly suited for application in domestic water disinfection, disinfection in smaller cooling towers and in private swimming pools and more. 


The T00 basis system is characterized by low chloride values and comes with Danish Clean Water´s innovative and patent registered water softening system. The system is delivered with a 33 liter salt tank and a 33 l Neuthox® buffer tank.


T05 Extended

The T05 Extended system is based on the T00 Basis Unit with integrated dosing system with ORP-sensor, ORP-controller and dosing pump. The system was especially developed for the control of legionella in central water supply systems. The T05 Extended has a production capacity of 9 liter Neuthox® per hour disinfecting  50-60 m3 hot water per hour.


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