T10 Model Series

T10 Standard ECA Unit

The T10 standard ECA unit is designed for legionella control in cooling towers and smaller water supply systems. It is available in five capacities: production of 15, 30, 50, 75 and 100 liter NEUTHOX® per hour in a concentration of 500 PPM FAC (FAC: Free Active Chlorine). The size of generator you require is dependent on the amount of water you wish to treat and on the initial conditions of the water. The typical dosing level is 0,5 PPM which translates into 1 Neuthox® per 1000 liter water. All T10 stand generators are characterized by a low chloride value. A 100 liter salt tank and a Neuthox® buffer tank are included with delivery.


T10 Agro ECA Unit

T10 Agro ECA Unit is specifically manufactured for agriculture and offers many advantages for livestock farming. To ensure high productivity in fattening farms and livestock farming it requires top water quality. Disinfection of the drinking water, free of contaminants, and bacteriological control is of central importance.

The T10 Agro ECA generator is available in four different capacities:  30, 60, 100 and 150 liter NEUTHOX® per hour. T10 Agro is characterized by a low chloride value. The production process of NEUTHOX® allows to adapt the ph-value to the individual requirements. The size of generator is dependent on the size of the animal stock. We have developed a calculation tool for calculating the optimal configuration of your system which we are happy to provide upon request.

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