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Risk of Legionnaires´ Disease Outbreak in Nursing Home Eliminated

Legionella in the hot water supply can cause the feared Legionnaires´ disease.

Especially elderly and ill people with weakened immune system are exposed to this danger. High fever, pneumonia, in some cases fatal, are the sad facts about legionnaires´ disease.

Therefore the Mollepark nursing home in Sonderburg, Denmark, has participated in an extensive  EUDP-project (Energistyrelsens Udviklings og Demonstrationsprojekt / Development- and Demonstration Project of the Danish State Energy Agency) to ensure a bacteria free hot water supply.

The residents of this nursing home are now protected against legionella.



Bacteria-Free Water Results in Major Economic Benefits in Pig Farming

Water bacteria are an often overlooked health aspect in pig fattening. With a DCW unit all germs in drinking water, food and cleaning can be eliminated. This can lead to surprising savings in several areas of an agricultural business.

Farmer Jens Ole Bladt in Denmark runs a pig production with 1.100 breeding sows with an annual piglet production of 40.000. He was also impressed by the positive business results which were achieved by installing our DCW unit.



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