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Water disinfection in public buildings and facilities

Public institutions are obliged to provide safe water and are liable for harm caused to consumers, for example by legionella. A disinfection system that successfully eliminates germs and bacteria is therefore an extremely sensible preventive measure. Danish Clean Water A/S provides sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for public buildings such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, day care centers and municipal and state buildings. Fighting legionella, bacteria and germs in the water is crucial for human health - especially in public buildings where many people draw drinking water and shower water from the same water pipes. In hospitals and nursing homes, the risk of developing Legionnaires' disease is particularly high because the patients/residents are often already weakened.


Legionella are difficult to control

Traditionally, fighting legionella, the bacteria causing Legionnaires' disease, has both been expensive and difficult. The bacteria are protected by the slime formed inside of water pipes, the so called biofilm. Biofilm is insensitive both to temperatures below freezing and above the boiling point and is resistant to strong acidic and basic environments. However, it is necessary to fight and destroy the bacteria, but this often proves to be difficult, expensive and harmful to the environment.


The environmentally-friendly solution

Our DCW units ensure fast and reliable removal of biofilm and with it, the destruction of the hotbed for legionella in nursing homes, schools, day care centers and hospitals. Instead of using environmentally harmful chemicals, our DCW units produce a non-toxic disinfectant solution, NEUTHOX®, which contains the active agent hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid or HOCl, is a substance which is also found in the human body and here it has exactly the same function - the destruction of bacteria. After the degradation of NEUTHOX®, salt and water are the only residues. Therefore our biocide is sustainable and safe for employees and users, and a measurable reduction of legionella is visible after just a few weeks. 


Low operating costs

With annual operating cost of only 1 cent per m³ disinfected warm water our DCW units are extremely economical to operate. Power and salt consumption is already included. After commissioning our DCW system, it is only necessary to refill salt tablets, otherwise the system does not require any daily maintenance. We recommend controlling your installation by your technical supervisor twice a year, to change filters and to calibrate the sensor.

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