Danish Clean Water´s technological solutions for agriculture to fight germs and bacteria greatly contribute to animal welfare and animal housing hygiene, lower mortality rate and substantial reduction in antibiotic use. Below the line this means increasing income.

In livestock farming, self-contamination in own drinking water is a common known problem, because the animals are suffering from infections. The consequence is an extensive use of antibiotics which translates into further costs and environmental impact.


Improved Animal Health

Our DCW systems fight bacteria and germs in pipes and water networks sustainably. The continuous disinfection reduces the consequences of self-contamination significantly. The use of antibiotics can be reduced remarkably which will result in cost savings. At the same time animal health and earnings will increase. Healthier animals improve dairy farm performance, and fattening animals gain weight much faster. We all benefit when animals are healthy. Healthier animals by improving the drinking water quality will, for example, increase milk output and egg production. By fighting bacteria and germs, diseases will be reduced and the animals thrive better and gain weight faster. The results are more, better quality and healthier animals, f. ex. in the fields of poultry.  All in all, these elements will increase the total revenue.


Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Reduction of Bacteria in Drinking Water

With our fully automated DCW units, bacteria and germs in the water supply are eliminated effectively without harming humans, animals or the environment. This is done by the non-toxic disinfecting liquid NEUTHOX®, which is produced on-site by electrolysis of common salt and water. The active ingredient in NEUTHOX®, hypochlorous acid, effectively and quickly breaks down biofilm and consequently new breeding ground for germs and bacteria - without the use of any harmful chemicals. Hypochlorous acid is produced naturally in the body and is a part of the human and animal immune system and is therefore harmless.


Employees and environment are protected from toxic chemicals and a significant decline of the germ and bacteria count can already be measured after a few weeks after commissioning.

Our DCW units are almost maintenance-free and extremely cost-effective in the application: Annual operating costs are low, the production of liquid-NEUTHOX® costs about 0.7 cents per liter.


Self-contamination in drinking water is a common known problem within agriculture. The animals are continuously exposed to infections which have a negative impact on well-being, growth and productivity. Typically this requires a significant use of antibiotics, for example in fattening business and animal husbandry, which results in costly treatments and impact on the environment. In addition, organic farming is subject to various strict regulations, which limit the possibilities to fight diseases amongst the animals and adds extra pressure when it comes to ensuring animal health.


Economic Advantages

Danish Clean Water A/S offer eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective solutions for fighting bacteria in water supplies which minimize the consequences of self-contamination. Our technology is preventing a great number of infection risks resulting in a healthier livestock and better farm economy. For example, poultry farms can reduce the use of antibiotics and instantly achieve a lower mortality rate and a rising animal health level. In addition to that, costs for medical treatment are reduced and so is the environmental impact.


Reducing the Environmental Impact

The technological solutions from Danish Clean Water are environmentally friendly, because we use the non-toxic biocide NEUTHOX® to fight bacteria. Our ECA technology is approved for use in the food industry and the only residues from degradation are water and salt. NEUTHOX® contains hypochlorous acid which is highly effective in removing biofilm and its active substance is also part of the natural immune defense in both humans and animals.

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