In multi-family homes, the inhabitants get drinking water and hot water from the same water supply system. Property owners, administrators and landlords are obliged to grant tenants access to safe water. Therefore, it is extremely important to destroy the breeding ground for legionella which thrive in biofilm in hot water tanks and water pipes. Until now, it was difficult to fight legionella and other germs and bacteria found in biofilm and therefore there is a potential risk that many residents are infected from the same source.
Residential buildings and apartment buildings have extensive piping systems with considerable pipe lengths. The water must be hygienically safe throughout the whole system at any time and it must fulfill the legal requirements. Vacant apartments and holiday periods can potentially represent additional risks.


Reliable, Simpel Water Mangement

Danish Clean Water provides a stable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that eliminates harmful germs and prevents future occurrence of them. We offer safe microbiological water management with our NEUTHOX® technology. NEUTHOX® contains an environmentally friendly biocide. The active substance for the effective removal of germs and bacteria is hypochlorous acid. This acid, which occurs naturally in the human body, is an important part of our immune system and is completely harmless. Our DCW units produce NEUTHOX® on-site through electrolysis of salt and water. The units are absolutely reliable and are quickly and easily integrated into existing installations.


Low Operating Costs

The annual operating costs of our DCW units are low because the on-site production of NEUTHOX®. After commissioning of our DCW system, it is only necessary to refill salt tablets, otherwise the system does not require any daily maintenance.

We recommend controlling your installation every six months, to change filters and to calibrate the sensor.

Therefore, our DCW units are a simple, sustainable and cost-effective solution.

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