Industrial Facilities

DCW´s  technological solutions have a wide range of benefits for the industrial sector:


  • Permanent removal of biofilm in cooling towers and industrial heat exchangers will lead to a higher efficiency and a lower energy consumption
  • Due to the improved bacteriological control of the applied production water, the condensing temperature in the cooling circuit can be lowered, which results in improved performance (Coefficient of Performance, COP) 


Both direct and indirect cooling requires bacteriological control. Biofilm in cooling towers is not only breeding ground for germs and bacteria, but also reduces the cooling performance. 

Biofilm in the inside of industrial heat exchangers reduces heat transfer and results in increased power consumption. In practice, it is rarely possible to stop the operation for the purpose of cleaning heat exchangers and pipes. With our DCW systems, biofilm is removed within few weeks and without any business interruptions. In addition to that, it is a proven fact that existing biofilm is not only removed, but that continuous application of our NEUTHOX®  disinfecting solution prevents biofilm from ever emerging.

Danish Clean Water has documented in Log 5 that NEUTHOX® removes biofilm and consequently, legionella risks are completely eliminated.

The condensing temperature of the applied production water can be reduced due to a better performance of the cooling tower. By that, energy savings up to 15 percent can be achieved – simply by lowering the compressor´s load. 


Fight and Prevent

Traditional methods of fighting biofilm in industrial cooling towers and warm water systems are often hazardous to employees, harm the environment and are inefficient in the long run. Our ECA-Technology requires only common salt and electricity for producing the highly effective NEUTHOX® solution and water and salt are the only residues.

Integration in existing installations is quick and easy. The annual operating costs of our DCW systems are very low and generating NEUTHOX®- disinfecting solution. Therefore our technology is both effective and cost-efficient.

After commissioning of our DCW Unit, the unit does not require any on-going daily maintenance apart from refilling salt tablets. We recommend a service every six months for changing filters and calibrating the sensor. 

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