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Swimming halls and sports facilities often consume large amounts of water and have extensive piping systems with the water temperature generally lying between 20-40 °C. This is the users´ preferred temperature, but unfortunately, it is also the optimal temperature for the growth of bacteria. Since sports facilities and swimming halls are used by many people daily, it is essential to effectively fight harmful bacteria and germs and preventive water quality assurance becomes a must.



Legionella pose a serious risk because they thrive in normal shower water temperature and grow in water retentions, for example in shower heads. When inhaling the aerosols released when showering, legionella can cause severe pneumonia, such as Legionnaires´ disease. The bacteria is frequently found but is rarely a problem for people with healthy immune system. However, sportspeople and high performance athletes are prone to infection due to the high physical demands the training puts on body and immune system. People with a weakened immune resistance have a particular high risk of becoming infected and Legionnaires´ disease can be fatal in the worst case.


Effective Action

Danish Clean Water supplies disinfection systems for swimming halls and sports centers which fight biofilm and bacteria quickly, efficiently and effectively. Biofilm which has settled on the inner surface of water pipes is a hotbed and breeding ground for bacteria. Until now, it was expensive and difficult to fight biofilm. Disinfection by high temperature flush is not an effective method to eliminate the biofilm, and older pipelines can be damaged by large temperature fluctuations.


Eco-friendly Technology

Our systems ensure effective elimination by the disinfectant NEUTHOX® which is produced on-site through electrolysis of water and salt. The resulting solution NEUTHOX® contains hypochlorous acid, which destroys biofilm most effectively. Water and salt are the only residues. Athletes, employees and the environment are therefore protected against toxic chemicals and the successful reduction of legionella in the water can already be measured after a few weeks.

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