Functionality and Installation

In the following we describe the functionality of Danish Clean Water units.

The systems are fully automated which ensures simple handling and minimum maintenance of the equipment. Our innovative DCW systems are therefore perfectly suited for installation where automated operation is critical for the daily routine. The delivery by our authorized distributors includes the following:

  • DCW-system for disinfection and saving energy 
  • Salt tank
  • Neuthox® buffer tank
  • ORP-sensor
  • Injection unit for Neuthox® 
  • Built-in dosing pumps
  • DCW-transmitter for ORP-sensor
  • Installation and commissioning of the system
  • Detailed instructions on the system´s functionality
  • Service 1 month after commissioning
  • Service 11 months after commissioning, before the DCW-system is transferred into a maintenance contract


We also provide:

Communication via Ethernet or GSM

Stand-alone frame in stainless steel allowing your DCW unit to be set up anywhere in a room

Splitter box for CRS-signal of water meter



Schematic Process Overview

Neuthox®  is produced by electrolysis of water and salt.

The process generates hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite in a certain proportion.

Neuthox® has a pH value of 8.5.

Process Schedule



Schematic Installation Overview

Danish Clean Water DCW systems are usually set up in boiler- or heating rooms to be as close as possible to the hot water source. 

Neuthox® is directly added to the hot water pipe. The ORP –sensor sends a signal to the DCW system containing information about the amount of organic pollution in the water. This is important for the dosage. A typical dosage is between 0,2 - 0,5 ppm Neuthox®, that means  4 - 10 dl per cubic meter hot water.

If no hot water is used for a while, for example, at weekends or during vacation, the dosing is stopped automatically.

Schematic diagram for installation



Example of DCW Installation in a Heating Room

Wall-mounted DCW system with salt tank and Neuthox®-buffer tank.

The picture shows a typical installation of our T10-model. The dosing pump is mounted on the Neuthox®-tank. 



Example of ORP-Sensor Installation

The top part of the picture shows the ORP-sensor on the hot water pipe.

The installation of the ORP-sensor is done by loop-in. The ORP-sensor must be calibrated every six months. This only takes 30 minutes and is done without interrupting the daily operation.  

Mixing of ORP sensor



Example of Injector Installation

Injector with internal check valve.

To ensure an optimal mixing proportion, a 90° pipe bend should be installed between injector and ORP-sensor.

Injector for Neuthox® in hot water installation

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